♚happy 13th :D
Saturday, October 16, 2010 • 2:48 PM • 0 comments

I became involved in photography when I was about thirteen years old.
-Leonard Nimoy

hello blogiest !
today is 16th of october! what happen on that day ? yes , my birthday! I'm 13 years old now . :D oyeah , anyone of you know about Leonard Nimoy ? yeah , he is an actor , film director , poet , photographer , singer , songwriter from America . he involved photography when he was thirteen years old , same like me , right ? same like him , I really really really want to involved photography when I was thirteen , I mean now! hahahaha . so , that's why I want to join darwis triadi school of photography's class or nikon school's class .
okay , see ya on next posting ! :D

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