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Wednesday, October 13, 2010 • 8:30 PM • 0 comments

heyya blogiest ! :D
I just got back from my friend's house and got a super nice wednesday . today is my first day of holiday . I went to my frined's house to made an assignment that the teacher gave us . the teacher told that we must to made a drama . so , we made a script of that drama . we made a drama called 'Gadis Penjual Korek Api' . similiar right ? ;)

In the middle of making the script , my friend asked me to go to bensol [ Bengawan Solo Coffee ] . hmm , why not ? so , we went there . I bought a glass of blended cream ( I forgot the name -_-)
After went to bensol , we went back to her house . continued make the script . yeah , finally finieshed the script . so , we played together , took a photo and many more until I was picked up with my parents .

Here some photos :

me and stefanie . I'm at left side .

me and stefanie (again) . I'm at right side .

yeah , nice wednesday . :D

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