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Tuesday, November 30, 2010 • 9:19 PM • 0 comments

helloooo bloggiest! long time no posting! hahaha . yeah , two days again i must face the final test , i get the room 2 , surprised! i'm so scared to face it :( wish me luck! and wish you luck for everyone that must face the final test . GodBlessUs! :D

ohya , i'll psot my #decemberwish , i know it's too fast but never mind ;)
#decemberwish : i can past my final test with a good score .
#decemberwish : have a great photography class .
#decemberwsih : have a great holiday!
#decemberwish : no more lazy!
#decemberwish : i'm yours and you're mine :D
mm , i've so many #decemberwish to post , i think i can't post it all , just this .

yeah , do all of you remember that i'll join darwis triadi school of photography's class? so , i must buy a camera now . slr/dslr? i'll choose dslr! :D the type? that's the problem :( i think i'll choose nikon , but do all of you have a recommend type? please comment with your reason :)

okay , i think it's enough . i must do my assignment and study for the final test two days again . wish me luck! see ya bloggiest! :D

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