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Saturday, November 20, 2010 • 5:18 PM • 0 comments

bonjour bloggiest! yeah , now i'm in love with paris . why? hmm , i don't know the sure reason , but actually i'm super in love with paris! i keep dreaming someday i'll go to paris , especially eiffel! yes , since i was a kid , i always want to go to eiffel . any one of you want to deliver me to eiffel? lol . hmm , yeah i want learn france , too! my friend has the telephone of the france course . she want to join the class too, she ask me . i would accept it , but it was so far from my house and i think i'll join the class when it was holiday . this christmas holiday? i can't :( why? because i've already join the photography class , i don't think so that my parents permit me to join france class too . it was so expensive after i join the photography class , buy the camera and now i want to join the france class? i don't think my parents permit me . i think i'll join it when it was the long school holiday . i hope so :D and maybe i'll buy a france dictionary and learn it by myself first ;)
c'est tout, voir bloggiest vous!

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