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Sunday, November 14, 2010 • 12:15 PM • 0 comments

wohoooo hello bloggiest! I'm in super ultra good mood since yesterday . wanna know what ? okay , i will tell it to you . do you still remember in my older posting , mm 'happy 13th' if i not wrong :p i wrote that i really want to join in a photography school . so , last night i told to my dad , i want to join a photography class on my holiday . i  felt nervous before i told that . very nervous! then , my daddy ask a few question , 'when?' 'where?' etc . and you know what's the answer? YES! my daddy told me that i can join the photography class! WOHOOOOO i'm very very happy . i'm in a ultra good mood! BIG THANKS TO MY DADDY! yihaaaaa :D but i'm stil confused to choose the photography school , between JSP [ Jakarta School of Photography ] or darwis triadi school of photography . wdyt? recommend me please . thankyouu :D
see ya bloggiest! :D

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