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wohoooo bloggiest :D yeah loooong time no posting . why ? hmm , because i had no inspiration to posted anything hihihi :p
okay , now i will post about natural disaster on Indonesia . as you know , Indonesia recently hit by many disaster . volcano eruption on West Java , tsunami on Mentawai , flood on Wasior . wanna know more about it ? you can see the news on your newspaper or watch the news on you television . :p
yeah , the volcano eruption and tsunami are very very very creepy! hiiiii . yeah , do you know that 22 volcano on Indonesia increased their activities! one of them are the child of Krakatau Mountain and Slamet Mountain . i heard that when there is a volcano eruption at Krakatau Mountain mm the child i mean , Lampung will get tsunami and Jakarta will get the eruption! HIIII . i have a family at Lampung! and Slamet Mountain , when there is a volcano eruptio , Jakarta will get the eruption too . NOOOO!
yeah , i'm really really scared of this . i still want alive! so , let's #prayforindonesia . don't just write '#prayforindonesia' , but show it! #actforindonesia .
I'm sure that God bless Indonesia , bless this world . amen . O:)

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