♚bye january :')
Monday, January 31, 2011 • 8:52 PM • 0 comments

today is the last day of january, and tomorrow is already february . how fast the time past? so faaaast . many things happened in january, many memories :') so goodbye january :') wanna be better in february :D okay, let's make a wish!

#februarywish : taller, thinner!
#februarywish : more dilligent
#februarywish : have a better score in school
#februarywish : dapet banyak angpao!
#februarywish : torch, iTouch, iPad, LENSA TELE!
#februarywish : bisa nyelesein tugas akhir nikonschool
#februarywish : dibolehin nonton brunomars + dapet tiketnyaaaa :D
#februarywish : all the best ;)
#februarywish : all my wishes come true :D

i still have many wishes that i can't write down here, i just hope that all my wishes come true and be better in february . bye january hello february :')

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