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Tuesday, January 25, 2011 • 9:01 PM • 0 comments

hello bloggiest :D
long time no post anything, yeah today i'll post about film . lately, i became a movie freak ♥ watch many movie on the cinema, i really love it . okay, i watched all of these movie last week . i watched faster about 2weeks ago, the american - 22 bullets - the way back i watched them last friday until sunday . hmm okay i'll write the movie review, check it out;)

faster - it's an action film, talked about a man that wanted to killed all of the people who have already killed his brother . actually, i love this story of film :D
the american - i really don't like this film, such a bad film . i don't know what is the story if this film, there are some obscene scene . better that all of you watch faster!
22 bullets - this is an action film too, talked about a man who wanted to killed a group who have already shot him as much as 22 bullets . yeah, really love this story of film :D
the way back - talked about a group of people who want to escape from prison during Nazi era . super love this film ♥

okay, that's all the movie review . still want to watch many film right now :D such as the green hornet, bruce lee my brother, shaolin, altitude, the mechanic, etc . but i'm still curious with yogi bear . is that a good film? ;)
that's all, bye bloggiest :D

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