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Friday, January 14, 2011 • 6:46 PM • 0 comments

hello bloggiest! okay, attention! i've a challenge for all who read this post! hahahha . i got this from my friend . this challenge called tounge twister . simple rule, memories the sentences, say it quickly without any mistakes;) ready? okay this is the first sentences:
"betty bought a butter, but butter betty bought was bitter, so betty bought a better butter to make a bitter better butter"
can all of you do that? i've tried at my school and i can do this! B) but i can't do this as quick as my friend . he's the master i think hahahaha . okay, the second sentences, i think it's a strange sentences but forget it, lets try!
"how much would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck would?"
how about this? can do this very well? i can do this too B) but i not-so-like this sentence when i said this quickly in 'chuck' part . it reads 'cak cak' wth is that? hahahaha . so, i prefer to say the betty bitter butter better! hahaha it looks more fun! so, how about you guys? what do you prefer and what it was like? ;)

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