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A Light SMAK IPEKA Pluit

A Light ticket

glow in the dark bracelet

Mike Mohede! taken by my brother

i really love yesterday, great satnite ever! first, i went to pluit village with my friend, didn't have destination, so we just went around peve, ate shihlin :9 went around around around until my parents picked us up and went to the school! yes, my school esp the senior high school made a event yaa called pentas seni in bahasa . the event lasted for 3 days, there's also many competition and bazaar too, and yesterday was the closing! and you know, there's a stand that sell many things about hellokitty and i really wanted to bought that bag, dunno why it just a simple bag, very confused to bought or not until i bbm my mom and she said not :( so sad hiks, okay noprobs . the event was amaziingggggg! since mike idol and the next performance until the last, it was really cool! mike sang about 5 songs or more and he sang just the way you are by brunomars <3 tell something about the doorprize, the doorprize is blackberry and you know? the number is 572 and my number is 502! oh man . the event closed by sindhu baratha's perfrom, he's my friend's brother and his sister, natahsa midore as a special guest perfrom too . it was really amazing and you know, nathasa and sindhu sang grenade by brunomars <3 ah! i really enjoyed that event, so amazingg! and last, there were many balloons and confetti from the 3rd floor . i'm not sure that junior high school's pensi can be amazing as alight, hmm let we see . okay, once again, ALIGHT ROCKS! ♥

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