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hello bloggiest :D happy CNY! sorry for the late utterance . so how's your cny celebration? i've a nice cny this year (: i went to palembang as usual, yeah every year i went to palembang for celebrate the cny .

Day 1; went to palembang, played fireworks
Day 2; go to the temple, went around Musi river with the free barges
Day 3; watched shaolin with big family, not all the big family members . nice film!
Day 4; went to Palembang Square, played in amazone and i had fun there, barbeque! :D
Day 5; went back to jakarta :'(

yeah, 5 days in palembang sooo exciting! i can't wait until June, i'll go to palembang again, just with my brother without my parents, my aunt already promise me to inivte us to go to Pagar Alam, fyi pagar alam is like puncak in jakarta . yowhooooo :D

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