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Thursday, February 10, 2011 • 7:30 PM • 0 comments

everyone ever have a problem and they feel bored with their life . yeah me too, i feel bored with this life . problem, problem and problem . when it will be finish? i got the answer: until we die . yes, we'll have a problem until we die, if you don't have a problem it means you die . and sometimes, i see many people say 'i wanna die now', 'life is bored, i want to die' etc. and when they read or hear a story about doomsday they're scared to die . omg i just can't stand with the people that think like that . hey, if you wanna die, don't afraid with the doomsday or anything that will make you die . if you feel bored with problem, just take your cutter or knife and kill yourself and you'll die, simple right? it's what like you want: no problem in your life again . okay so the point is don't afraid to confront the problem, just face it because life will have problem ;)

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