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Monday, February 28, 2011 • 7:23 PM • 0 comments

heyho! have all of you started your mid test? i'm already . the mid test held on last friday and today is the 2nd day, mathematics and chinese and thanks to God i can do the mathematics' WOHOOO . cepet ya mid testnya? yap, gw sendiri juga gatau sekolah gw kalo mid test cepetbgt, tapi kalo final test lamabgt . serasa kelinci dan kurakura di dongeng anakanak dan sekolah gw si kelinci, ah pinternya gw . oke back to topic . i think daily exam and mid test are same, yang membedakan cuma bobot nilai, right? ya jadi nothing's different . woops, how fast time past? tomorrow is already march! okay, make a wish!

#marchwish : uts lancaaaaar :D
#marchwish : iTouch, iPad, macbook, tele lens!
#marchwish : taller, thinner!
#marchwish : more diligent o:)
#marchwish : evertyhing'll be better
#marchwish : all the best :D

seperti biasa, wishes gw masih panjang lagi dan kalo ditulis bakal jadinya setebel buku matematika gw yang tebelnya 500halaman . okay, have a little note for march: march, please be nice!

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