♚mid test finished!
Sunday, March 6, 2011 • 12:18 PM • 0 comments

yap, mid test finished since last friday . so, i'm free now, don't have to study all the time for this annoying test . haaaaah :D oya, beberapa hasilnya udah dibagi dan hasilnya bagusbagus;;) cuma 1pesen aja buat guru fisika gw: pak, uts fisika nilainya gausa keluar ya pak . itu udah dijamin 10000000% nilai gw ancur, kalo pas2an, sujud syukur deh gw .
okay, after the mid test, i've finished read 2novels in 2days! wohooo, yeah fyi, beside photography, i do love novelsyeah so, yesterday i collected all my novels from emm call it library on my house . honestly, i don't know why that large shelf for storing books call library with my parents when i was kid, so that's why i called it library . okay, after collected i count it and...... tada! 52novels all!

wuhuuu, ya sebenrnya juga ganyangka sih bisa segitu banyak novelnya, but if you count from this picture, the total is only 51, yang 1 lagi lupa kepotret :p karena because takut my novels kececeran, i had an idea to put it all in my room, and i remove all the things in one corner of my room to organize all my novels, and tadaa!

yuhuu, akhirnya tercapai juga cita-cita yang dipendam sejak dulu kala, halaah . okay, in other word i'm proud of myself B)

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