♚#prayforjapan when it's white day
Monday, March 14, 2011 • 8:30 PM • 0 comments

#prayforindonesia changed with #prayforjapan . maybe it's a little bit late for saying #prayforjapan and it's friend, but the accident happened last friday, so it's not too late i think . japan just been hit by an eartquaake measuring 8,9SR and also tsunami . so sad after heard this news, i've never been to japan lol nonono, justkid . ya but i'm truly shocked after heard this news, i can't imagine what will happen with this beautiful country after hit by earthquake and tsunami .

actually, we can #prayforjapan not only when it's white day, i wrote that title because today is white day and also I want psoting about #prayforjapan hahahhaa sounds strange ._.
okay, today is 14th March and it means that today is white day! what is white day? white day is a day when a boy give a chocolate or anything to a girl . in indonesia, white day isn't popular as valentine . yaa nothing happened today, white day is same like other day . white day = another monday! hahaha . but luckily for the couple, they can spent the white day . happy whiteday guys! ;)


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