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Thursday, March 31, 2011 • 8:23 PM • 0 comments

heyya! long time didn't post anything here . and yeah, time flies so fast I can't believe that tomorrow already april . how fast? it feels like yesterday was new year eve and tomorrow already april . okay, many things happened in march, march is quite nice to me, thankyou march! but actually, after a long long long time i didn't get sick, i got sick on march last monday until now, but i feel better now . ohya, last saturday i went to Lampung, that's my mom's hometown, i went there just for chengbeng, it's like pray for our family member who already passed away, first i went  to Pelabuhan Merak then arrived at Pelabuhan Bakaheuni by ferry at 23.30 fyi, i went from my house at 17.00 and arrived at my cousin's house at 1 o'clock . after went to the graveyard, went to my mom friend's house, took a nap for a while then went back to jakarta by ferry again and surprised i'm at ferry for 3hours! and another surprised, on monday i got sick jengjenggg . i took some photos too, but honestly i can't post it here because of the internet connection . so sorry, you may check on my facebook's photo album: gabphotograph, i'm uploading there;)
btw, tomorrow's april . wishes? of course i have . as usual, i just want to become thinner, taller, more dilligent and finished nikonschool's last task asap-i'm still make the task anw- and yeah all the best!
don't forget tomorrow's april fools! d;

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