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Saturday, March 19, 2011 • 3:53 PM • 0 comments

yowhooo yesterday was superfriday for me, yeah its look a great day even though it wasn't a-super-great-day but yesterday was make me feel happy, what happened yesterday?

first. my guitar exam yesterday went according to expectations, i can play the guitar without any mistake(s) although i can't play with a fast tempo, i just don't want the 'accident' happen like last exam when the teacher ask us to made a band and i played the guitar, although i ever joined guitar extracurricular at 5th grade, but i often skip the class :p so that's why the 'accident' happened and after that, i felt traumatized by guitar but yesterday's exam showed me that i never felt that traumatized again :D

second. mid report card . yeah yesterday i got my mid report, my mom took it for me . and i felt a little bit badmood, my mom asked me to go to my course without waiting for my mid report card uh! after the course, i phoned my mom, asked for the rank and i got 9th rank! yowhooo after the first semester i got 10th rank and yeah i got a red subject in my report card, of course math . 61 from 67, i missed 6points, study hard! and unbelievable, i got 80 for physics' mid test! :D

third. Mall Taman Anggrek . oh so that's why my mom asked me to went to my course first, we went to this shopping mall! the actual destination is sogo, accompany my mom to buy some products of SK II, okay i'm imagine now, should i buy lots of things like that when i'm older? forgetit . next destination, gramedia! i do love this place to find many novels, i got 2novels yesterday and i've read it all, so no novel to read again pft .

suddenly, i remember about the nikonschool's last task and i haven't finished it, i'll ask my parents for the approval, hope they will agree, amen o:) yeah, yesterday was superfriday and i hope there will be a lot of superfriday waiting for me ;)

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