♚weekend without assignment(s)
Sunday, March 13, 2011 • 12:47 PM • 0 comments

heyya! i've just finished editing this blog, see i got new background! eiffel tower, love it but if you see it clearly, the template is same like my last background, idk why and also i got a new pict as the header, so my blog look more fresh, right?;) anw, weekend withouts assignment(s) such like a heaveeennnnn ({}) ah! i can enjoy my weekend now yihaaaa :D oops, tapitapitapi something i really hate happened . tenggorokan gatel, idung mampet dan dibumbui bersinbersin kdgkdg oh man wth is it . galucu banget kalo gw di kelas dan batukbatuk tiada henti . oya, betewe anewe busway, i just watched drive angry last night! have all of you watch it? ;)

sebenernya inti cerita filmnya bagus, ttg yaa semacem sekte aliran setan cuma ada sedikit "tambahan" yang meggelikan and you know what is that . jadi, nicholas cage mau nyelametin cucunya yang mau dikorbanin di sektenya itu . hmm you better watch it;) and yeah i wanna watch the child's eye so bad!

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