♚happy friday!
Saturday, April 23, 2011 • 11:06 AM • 0 comments

first, wanna say happy good friday for all who celebrate it :) sorry for the late greetings;)
i got my happy friday yesterday, i spent a day in mangdu-mangga dua-just in my parent's store and then DVD hunting with my brother, we got 10DVDs +1 with the bonus :D we bought 3thailand's film, eat pray love *yeah, it's quite old movie, but we haven't watch it-_-* and many others ;)
then, i wnet to emporium pluit mall, now with my little cousin :3 i dropped my cousin in playground hahaha i got 1novel at gramedia, but don't know why, now i fel so lazy to read novel.____. and, tadaa! bought some stuffs with my mom, super thankyouuu mom! :*

oya, i'm still watch endless love taiwan version, super amazing film! now disc 2 ;) will post all the movie review later, see ya on the next post!

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