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Saturday, April 16, 2011 • 6:58 PM • 0 comments

helloooo! long time didn't post anything here, yeah i don't have any idea to write hahaha okay, after a longlonglong time for waiting, now it comes! yeah, HOLIDAAAAAAY! holiday for 2weeks, but honestly i must back to school at 29th april which is it's FRIDAY, let me repeat FRIDAY, F-R-I-D-A-Y! watdehell? it means that the day after it is saturday and i get my holiday again and at the day, i have a mathematics' exam hhhh *sigh*
why i have two weeks for holiday? yeah, the 12th and 9th grader have a national exam for their graduation, i can be happy now, but next year i'm in 9th grader and it means that i will face the national exam too!
the holiday starts from today, so what do you do in your 1st day of holiday? what i do in my 1st day of hoiday? hmm i did my physics' assignment, yeah i don't want my 2weeks of holiday interrupted by assignments, so i do it today and tomorrow because i have 3 assignmnets ._. then, tadaaaa! i watched a crazy little thing called love with my friend via dvd, it was a super greaaaaaat film! yeah i know that i'm too late to watch this film, but never too late, right? ;)

i do love this film! supeeeer loveeeee! yeah, Nam become so preety<3 and of course, mario maureer as Shone

p.s: goodluck for 12th and 9th grader for your national exam! do the best and Godblessyou always

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