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Sunday, May 29, 2011 • 7:45 PM • 0 comments

happy sundaaaay! i felt so happy today. i had what i have to have right now, no need to explain what kind of things is that, if you see my twitter's timeline, you'll know what i got today, so follow my twitter! :p (@gabriellaaudrey). i think most of you will ask why i bought the new one, the old one is already broken because of the heat exposure, so after waiting for a few months, i bought a new one. thankyou mom, thankyou dad also thanking to God!
okay, this is the last post before i have a final test. the final test will be held on 1st july until 10th july. in the middle of the final test, i have 2days for holiday, is it a good things? holiday in the midlle of final test? ah i don't care about it. i promise that i'll posting on my blog again asap after the final test finished. wish me luck for the final test!
time flies so fast. yeah it feels like i just wrote #maywish yesterday and now i'll write #junewish. i just wanna pass the final test also go the 9th grader with a good mark, taller, thinner, dilligent! no more lazy :p have a great holiday! get a tele lens, iTouch, iPad (or maybe samsung galaxy tab is okay) and fixie! yes, for the first time fixie came to indonesia, i'm not so interest with fixie, but after i saw it for many times, i'm in love with fixie! what's fixie? okay, that's a single gear bike and we can assembled it by our wants! fixie will be so colourful! sounds great, right? yeah since my bicycle look like so childish, i bought my bicycle when i'm in elementary school, it has a little bag and many picture in it ._. since i'm growing up, i'm too shy to use my childish bicycle, so want a fixieeeee! :3

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