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Saturday, May 7, 2011 • 4:02 PM • 0 comments

hello! i got my great friday yesterday, what happened yesterday? checkthisout;)

1. students got home earlier
yeah, all of the students on jhs got home earlier, 10am because of the art performing at the night and there isn't any subjects for a day! wohooo :D

2. pluit village
after finished the school, i don't went back home . i and my friends went to pluit village for did fun! timezone, lunch, timezone, shihlin :9

3. iplucares
yap, this is it *okay i'm not farah quinn* the art performing by IPEKA Pluit's JHS, iplucare . although i dont like this art performing like SHS's art performing-alight- i'm still proud of this event as i'm a jhs student . the theme is about spiritual and the comittee said that the ticket sale will be donated to the unprivilleged children . but i didn't know the guest star . do you know who are dignified and patmos band? seriously, i don't know who they are .

4. pluit village (again)
after got back from iplucare, i went to pluit village again, now with my family and my friend . i just went there for printing photos, dinner *yeah i haven't got my dinner from 2pm*, accompanied my father&brother cut thier hair, no didn't accompany them, i let them cut their hair and i with my friend went to timezone! hahaha and back to the salon after the timezone was closed . it was funny because i went to the timezone when it just opened until it was closed hahaha

yeah, i got my great friday, but honestly i didn't take any photos :(

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