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haaaaah i'm back! so tired after tried to changed the blog's template, then i chose this one, wdyt? yeah finally i went back to school, so damn lazy after had 2weeks holiday . the school started last friday and it feels so hard to leave the holiday D; ah holiday, will miss you so muuuch! and i just want to face the final exam earlier, so i can face my holiday EARLIER TOO! yeah the final exam is in the end of may and i wish i can pass the final exam, also go to 9grader with a good mark :) woops! it's may already and i had sooo many wishes! but i just hoping that this month can be better than last month, amen :)

oyeah, btw i've heard about photo hunting by nikonschool:

yeah see? how interesting is that! AAAAA really wanna join it! hope that my dad can let me join this photo hunting o:)

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