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Tuesday, May 10, 2011 • 9:31 PM • 0 comments

bonjour! okay, now there's a follow button in my blog, it changed by my friend, thanks to my friend! still the same person who changed this blog template :p but i don't know why in my entries there's can be a follow button too! that's just some intermezzo, back to topic . homestay . what do you think about homestay? i think it can be reaallyyy fun! yes, i wanna join the homestay so freakin' bad . last saturday, i went to a travel fair and see a homestay's brochure and tadaaa! i found homestay to england, yes england. cool right? B) and in the england homestay, there's a tour to paris too! yes PARIS, spell it P-A-R-I-S! wohooooo! wanna join it on this holiday (june-july) but i can't :( luckily, my friend wanna join this england homestay too! i would rather choose homestay for 1month (21days) than 2weeks and i think i'll join this england homestay on december, christmas in england B) hope my parents let me join this homestay, it's good for children right? the children can learn english very well there hahaha i hope like that, Amen.

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