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do all of you know about backward song? yes, it's a song that played reverse version, some songs when played reverse have a occult meaning, some not. i just find out the backward songs yesterday with my friend by suggestion form my brother. you can find out the bcakward songs from google by typing: backward song. and i found backward songs of papparazi by lady gaga and beat it by michael jackson, find out here! and i was shcoked for see this song had the occult meaning, barney! yes barney, the purple dinosaurs. do you know the song? yes, i love you you love me we are happy family. in fact, the song has a occult menaing, omaigat! check this out here, i bet all of you actually surprised to see that, go to numer 5 and find the barney's song backward. there's spongebob ost, dora and barbie girl too that have the backward, but i can't understand the meaning. also baby by justin bieber, but i'm too lazy to hear the song hahaha.
now, illuminati. do all of you know about illuminati? it's about satanists or anything like that. and i found lady gaga  was illuminati; herehere but lady gaga has many article about illuminati, so you can find out on google by typing: illuminati lady gaga or lady gaga illuminati, also beyonce; here. i just find these public figure about their illumination, but i bet there's still many public figure who was satanists or anything like that. then, spongebob! believe it? find out here, the link is indonesian, if you can't understand indonesian, you can use translator or search on google by typing: illuminati spongebob squarepants or spongebob squarepants illuminati.
now, what's the illumination symbol? here is it, it's has full explantaion about illumination symbol. 
whatever the public figure or cartoon or anything were the satanists or anything, i still love them for their works, i don't care whatever they were satanists, because i just enjoying their works. if they were satanist, that's their business with God, not with me, right? i posted this just for your info :)

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