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Saturday, June 11, 2011 • 3:34 PM • 0 comments

new theme again, still about paris' atmosphere. i don't know why when i'm searching for a new theme, i always find paris' theme :3 click the words on left side to navigate this blog, the words are in french. don't understand? just click mademoiselle and you'll find the explanation;)
yeah finally i've finished my final test yesterday. WOHOOOO say hello to holiday! but next monday, i'll still have to go to school for some remedial, etc and also classmeeting. is that important? i don't think so, but next monday will be the last day with my classmates. okay then, i hope that this holiday gonna be amazing :D i'll go to palembang next tuesday, as usual. visit my cousin and play with them for 3weeks, yes 3WEEKS, gonna be so fun right?;)  and next week; on saturday, i'll have my report card. i'm sooo afraid! yes i'm afraid of not pass this 8th grader :( but in other side, i'm optimistic that i'll pass this 8grader and go to 9grader. for this time, i don't care about the rank, i just wanna pass this 8grader and do the best at 9grader :) wish me the best!;)

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