♚animal photo competition 2011
Monday, July 25, 2011 • 9:18 PM • 0 comments

did you see the poster above? yes! animal photo competition 2011, in celebrating World Environment Day 2011 on June 5th and National Love of Flora and Fauna Day on November 5th :D hmm I think I'll join this competition and my dad has allowed me to join this competition :D taking photos of animal isn't too hard, we can find animal everywhere and the rules of this competition is not too complicated, free registration fee and we can get a loootssss of prize if we win, even just  the favourite winner. we can get a new slr camera+the lens, cash prize, camera pocket, printer, etc. the total prizes is 160 million! woooh, interested to join this competition too?;) click here for the information, but it's in indonesian, you can use translator or maybe click here to see the poster, just click on the poster if the words are too small, it's in english. the deadline is october 18th, we still have about 3months to take some photos;) if you wanna join this competition too, good luck! Godblessus o:)

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