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Sunday, July 17, 2011 • 8:53 PM • 0 comments

GRAAAAH. why time flies soooo faaaaast? I still can't believe that tomorrow is 18th of July which is my school holiday is ended! aaahhh I still need holiday so freakinnn' bad. so, today is my last day of holiday, so sad :''( I hope holiday will be back reallyyyy soon!
ouyeah, do you know @Poconggg? I think he's so exist in twitter hahaha don't know him? yeah, poor him. okay, pocong is a ghost from indonesia, he doesn't have hands and he isn't walk, but jump. don't ask me why he can use a twitter just because he doesn't have hands, maybe he use his teeth or anything else. and why I called @Poconggg with he and not she? hmm, I think the people who controls @Poconggg's twitter account was a man. okay, a few week or a month ago, he published his own book, named Poconggg Juga Pocong. I think this book is very phenomenal, many people want to read this book and the bookstore often out of stock, and yesterdaaay, I got the boooook! yiipppiiiieee! :D

yap, that's the book;) I've read it, and overall it's good;) veerryyy fuunnnyyy! :D although I can't buy a novel that I've waited for a year, but it's not problem hahaha :p and today, I spent this last day of holiday with my cousin, we were swam at Pantai Mutiara! veryyy excitinggg :D
p.s: holiday, please be forever. please be back reallyyyy sooon! iloveyou<3

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