♚officially 9 grader!
Saturday, July 23, 2011 • 3:46 PM • 0 comments

yippiiiieeeee! now I'm officially 9 grader since last monday :D I've had some pretest on last tuesday and wednesday and did the last year's national exam and I think the national exam's question it's not too hard :> yeah I must study hard for pass this grade and don't ask me where I will continue my high school, I'm still confuse about it. my parents ask me to join the singapore's scholarship and my friend ask me to move to another school with her. I must choose one between that choice, because the singapore's scholarship will be held on december and another school's registration will be held on november if I'm not mistaken. GRAAAAH I'm really confused about this! :/
okay many things happened in this week, one of them is I lose my cdma phone on my course in the first day I became 9 grader! but yeah, I knew who stole my cdma phone, it's a boy in 7 grader! how cool a boy in 7 grader stole a girl in 9 grader's cdma phone HA-HA but, he already gave me back my cdma phone and he threw away my phone's holster. wth-_-
ohya and last night, I went to my lovely cousin's birthday party :3

tadaaa! she's the birthday girl last night, how cute :3

she's very happy because now she's 4!

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