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seriously, time flies sooo faaaaast! I can't believe that today is already august! oh, and happy fasting for all Moslems! o:) I'm waiting for the fasting month end, do you know what it's mean? yes, holidaaaaay! I'm waiting for a super great vacation :D and yeah, as usual I have some wishes and it's still same like last month's wishes, just added with a great vacation in wishes' list :p
ICAS 2011. yes, do you about this? International Competitions and Assessments for Schools, is conducted by Educational Assessment Australia, UNSW Global Pty Limited. UNSW Global is a not-for-profit provider for education, training and consulting services and wholly owned enterprise of the University New South Wales, Australia. There are students over 20 countries in Asia, Africa, Erurope, Pasific and the USA participate in ICAS each year, including me this year B) yes, my school participate in ICAS since 2 years ago and now, I interested to join ICAS. there are some subject are contested in ICAS, but I chose english. some of my friends that already join english's ICAS last year told me that the test was dificult, but I still wanna try :p all participant will receive the certificate after doing the test, and the certificate can be used when you'll be continuing your college in other country, esp Australia. wish me luck! :D
some ICAS' stuffs :p

a quick movie review that I watched last saturday. The Resident. talked about hmm yeah I called it psycopath. not so boring and not so bad;) and there are so many films that I waited. Cars 2, Angry Birds Rio, Transformers, Insidious part 2! gaaaaah, wish I can watch it all :D
The Resident

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