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Sunday, August 14, 2011 • 2:29 PM • 0 comments

hellooooo! sorry for a long time not post anything here. yeah, I'm too busy with my school's activity. prepare for the exams and for the my school's bulletin board competition for celebrate the indepence day on 17th August, there are many comptition but I'm just join the bulletin board competition. it's inter-class compeition and I'll do the best for my class :D
yeah I don't what is it called, it made from crepe paper. and we'll fill a half of my class' board with this! whathe..... overall, wish my class luck!
and have you already watch Transformers 3? yeah I've watched it last night and it was totally AWESOMEEEE! two thumbs and more for Transformers3! and don't ask me about Harry Potter 7 part 2, I don't watch it from the 1st, that's why I'm not watching the last sequel of Harry Potter.
new social networking. Heello. It's similiar like Twitter, but there's a little but different. have a heello account? listen me at @gabriellaaudrey, and ping for listen back, thankyou;)

p.s: I need holiday so much, holiday please come faster!

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