♚proud to be Indonesian?
Monday, August 22, 2011 • 10:07 PM • 0 comments

happy independence daaaay for my beloved country, Indonesia! I think it's too late to say this, beacuse actually the independence day is on 17th august, but never mind :p now, Indonesia is 66 years, I hope Indonesia will be a better country, no more corruption, no more unemployment, no more trrafic jam in some city (esp Jakarta!) no more poor people and the most important is about the pollution! it's difficult to find the fresh air on a big city like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, etc. there were sooo difficult to find the fresh air because of the pollution, and I hope the pollution will be better :)
there was independence day celebration on my school at 16th august as I told you before. I joined the bulletin board's competition but we lose :( I dunno why, but my friend say that the teacher give my class' point very bad! watdehel.

my class' bulletin board. cool, right?

bulletin board's team. I'm on the second place from the right side;)

yeah but there was a competition, no problem if my class lose, next competition, we will win! :D okay, if people ask me am I proud to be Indonesian? I think I'll ask yes. beacuse Indonesia has a bautiful view, etc. but the things that make me feel not proud with Indonesia is that problem that I wrote above.
tomorrow I'll have my holiday on Australia for Lebaran Holiday! YIPPPIIIIEEEE feel soooo excited! I hope it will be a great holidaaay! :D

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