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fualaaa! it's about 2weeks I didn't post anything here, yeah I'm too busy with my school. I'm having my mid term test nowadays and tomorrow will be the last day! super excited. yeah you know I'm super tired my school's task, exams and others. that's sucks. I must to study haaaarder because I'm in 9th grade which the last grade in junior high and will face the national exam. gosh. oh! and btw, how's my new skins? cool righttt?;) I need a few hour to find this skin and I think it was cooool. puzzle blog! okay, same like my post's tittle, there were too much stories to share on my blog. here we go!
LMFAO. who doesn't know them? I super love their songs and shuffle! yesterday, LMFAO came to Jakarta for Java Soulnation, too bad I CAN'T WATCH THEM! goooosh. they're so coool men. when I saw they were shufflin' it feels like I wanna learn shuffle too. no, I mean dance. I'm interesed in dance since I saw the pop icon dance competition in the mall and I thought it was cooool.

thanks for shakin' Jakarta, LMFAO! hope will meet you sooooon! #PartyRock #ShakeThat #EverydayImShufflin! SORRY FOR PARTY ROCKEEEEEN'
aha! do you know this site? omgpop! yeah play games, meet people, hang out. games site. supeeeer fuuuun! let's make omgpop's account! no regreeeeet :D have omgpop's account? add me: gabriella audrey! I love this site soooo much<3


TADAAAA! have you watched this film? yeah, Final Destination 5. I've watched it yesterday and it was greaaaat! cooool meeen \m/ I've watched FD4 and some parts of FD1-3. why some? beacuse I can't remember all the scene at FD1-3 :p and yeah, overall Final Destination is greaaat! don't ever watch it if you have a heart disease :p and there were many films to watch, hope I can watch it all :D

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