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October is cominggg! wish all the best in October! uyeah, so glad to welcoming October. yeah, this month must be my month<3 this month, I'll celebrate my family's brthday parteeeh! all my family member (including me) have a same birthday month, October, amazing right?;) and yeah today is October 2nd, which mean today is Batik Day in Indonesiaaa! batik is a traditional culture from Indonesia. I do love batik because some of their designs were cooooool!

some of batik's designs


Anna Popplewell wearing batik

Drew Barrymore's bag in batik!

Jessica Alba wearing batik

some of these pict were copied from GNFI (Good News From Indonesia), a site&twitter account which post  about a good news from Indonesia, same like its name :p I do love this twitter account for knowing any good news from Indonesia.
and yeah, I've read many comments from all of you on the comment box in my blog. thankyou for visiting my blog&leave a comment on my chatbox. sometimes, I want to make an indonesian blog and be an indonesian blogger, such like benakriboIrvina Lioni with her typical, kancut which means in english is underwear lol, and of course Raditya Dika! but I must think in many times for making another blog, because it's too busy to control 2blogs in the same time.

The Sorcerer and The White Snake. yup, I just watched it last Friday, great film. the story is taken form the chinese legend. about the white snake fall in love with a man anddd ah! you should watch it :b and booyeah! colombiana is already in cinemaaaa! gaaah I wanna watch itttt!
the next thing is about my future. I just thought that I'm gonna take a film, broadcasting, journalistic or maybe dcv (design communication visual) class for the university. I just saw an article about New York Film Academy, but I think it's sooo far from Indonesia hmmm. NOOO! I don't want be an actress on the film, I just wanna be a people behind the scene :b I think film, broadcasting, journalistic will be sooo fun! oh and also dcv :b oh and a recommend post to read is benakribo's latest post! it's about Access Education, but it's in Indonesian :p
the last thing is about my school event. yeah, I'm become PAS (Pekan Apresiasi Seni&Sastra) committe. I'm in drawing competition part. it's look like a cup in other school but it just in art&literature. I must to find a sponsor for this event. gaaaah wish me, all the committe&this event a bunch of luck!

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