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Sunday, November 20, 2011 • 5:24 PM • 0 comments

okay, as I told you on the last post, now I'll post the photos that taken at Tanjung Lesung and some at my school event, PAS. check this out!

family birthday cake!

there are still a lot of photos that taken at Tanjung Lesung, but I think that's too much, so I just post some of the photos. okay, now photos of my school event, I don't took much photos there, maybe only 2 photos huehehehehe

booyeah! that's all. and I told ya, being a committee in your school event was sooo fuuuuun! oh and once again, I'm still looking for a site to watch/download asian drama for free, just write the site on the comment box. thankyou!;)

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