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Sunday, November 6, 2011 • 8:48 PM • 0 comments

fuala! sorry for not post anything on my blog for a looong time.yeah I've been busy with my school, with the assignment, exams and maybe the programs. oh and I have much stories to share here, but I think the picture will be post later because the pictures are still in my camera hehe :p and you know, time flies soooo fast, today is already November which is next month is December, gonna celebrate christmas for the christians and new year for all the people all over the world. how fast. it feels like I just celebrate the new year months ago and next month I'll celebrate it again. gonna hear the noise of the trumpet and watch the beautiful fireworks<3
okay first, as you know I went to Tanjung Lesung last week for celebrating my family birthday party. it was sooo fun! I played the water sport with my family, too. I played the banana boat and jetski. I rode the jetski with my dad in a half of the route, but I'm still afraid of ride the jetski.
second, I think I've shared with you about my school event, PAS (Pekan Apresiasi Seni&Sastra), if I'm not mistaken. the event is about the competition with another school about art. and the event held on last friday-saturday. the event was succeeessss! horaaay :D
and this, tadaaaa!
uyeah. Johnny English Reborn. I just watched this film last friday with my family. it was such a greaaaat film! I love the storyline, it's an action film but has a comedy scene too. also Rowan Atkinson's act :D a recommend film!

"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
p.s: wait for the pics! ;) 

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