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Sunday, December 11, 2011 • 7:25 PM • 0 comments

yes, a few weeks ago, I just got bored and went to some fashion blogs. I went to Sonia Eryka's and Diana Rikasari's. and yeah, I love them sooo muchhhhh! they were an amazing fashion bloggers, for me. but I love Sonia Eryka's to the fullest. I love her style so much. okay, I'll share about Sonia Eryka's style.

and still many more, got it from her Lookbook and Chictopia. what do you think? I think her style were soooo great! love it sooo much. and about the shoes hmm she usually wears heels, wedges or anything like that. even though I like it and I'm not so tall, I don't like use heels and their friends, yeah it's kinda different with another-not-so-tall-girls out there. it just makes me feel uncomfortable to walk. but yaa, I still use it sometimes ha-ha, but very very rarely. 
oh fyi, Sonia Eryka is an owner of a cafe that not so far from my house too, Ninotchka. and on December 17th, there will be an garage sale, named #AutumnWipeOut! GAAAH really really wanna go there!!! wish I can go there on December 17th o:) and she has her own clothing line, RiotsBarbie. I do love the clothes that sell at RiotsBarbie<3 and sometimes, I think I'll post my outfit like another fashion bloggers do. just wait for that :p

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