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"I'm free I'm free, I'm free like a burning no one the tell me" -Souljah

YES. I'm free now. the final test just finished this morning. no more study for more than three weeks. I think I'll have my holiday for more than three weeks! yayyyy! it will be free without study. yes I'm tired with study all the time for the exam gaaah. really need holiday and yeah I'll having it start from next wednesday, I think, superyay! so excited for welcoming this holiday although I will not go to somewhere for this holiday. formerly, I wanna go back to my hometown, Palembang. but I didn't get the ticket, so I can't go there. so sad :( but never mind, I can do a lots of things here! I can having fun in Jakarta too. I wish this holiday will be super fantastic and unforgettable! and yeah, I will more often for updating this blog because I'M FREE NOW! teheeeee :p

what I tweeted when the final test was over :p

anw, I wanna say Rest In Peace, Christopher Melky Tanujaya. He's the most genius boy in my junior high school. now, he studied at Saint Joseph's Institution, Singapore because of the scholarship when he won the olympiad. he was killed by someone unknown because he wanted christopher's phone. watdehel. but the executant had been arrested by the police. once again, Rest In Peace, Kiki. you're an inspirational boy, may God always beside you :)

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