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"Joyeoux Noel! Dieu vous benisse!"
sorry for the late greeting and long time didn't post anything here. really sorry. as you know, I'm having my holiday right now. but sadly, I didn't go anywhere on this holiday. previously, I wanna go back to my hometown, Palembang but I can't because of the ticket :( so here I am, spending my holiday in my city, Jakarta. first of all, spending my holiday in Jakarta feels so bored. I didn't go anywhere because my parents still on they work. so sad. I just went to malls and having fun there, not bad. but so far, I haven't go to any midnight sale in much of the malls in Jakarta, I didn't go to Autumn Wipe Out as I told you on the previous post ARGGGH.

the christmas tree in one of my city

but apparently, the holiday is not bored as I thought before. yesterday, I picked my cousin from his study tour's group at Ocean Park hahaha. he had a study tour from Palembang to Bali by bus! how amazinggg! but he went to some cities beside Bali too, such like Yogyakarta, Bandung, etc. when he arrived at Jakarta, his mom let he stayed in Jakarta with my family! yuhuuuuuu :D 
and last night, I just watched this film: 

yes! Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol! what a greaaaattt film! superlove this film<3 recommended to watch!

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