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Saturday, January 21, 2012 • 10:32 AM • 0 comments

feels so tired with those school's activity. the assignments, exams, pretests and upcoming try outs arggggh! and I'm gonna having my practice exams on 20th February-2nd March then having my mid test, final test, and national exam. so, the next three months gonna be a super busy month! I'm sorry for update this blog rarely, because I must to prepare about the upcoming tests, especially the national exam.
and tonight, 21st January, I'm gonna go back to my hometown, Palembang for celebrate the Chinese New Year on 23rd January. yippieeee! I'll be at Palembang for 4 days and go back to Jakarta on 24th January. this is gonna be awesomeeee!
oh btw I'm gonna share the book that I've read. super great book! about the traveller and I love it sooo much! the book give much information about the places that the author have been go there.

The Naked Traveler!

The Naked Traveler series. but I haven't read the 2nd and the 3rd, I will read them soon!

yes. the book is The Naked Traveler. an Indonesian female backpacker who has been traveled around Indonesia and 36 countries in the world if I'm not mistaken. for all the traveler, you must read these books and you gonna love it, same like me! I really love traveling, but I can't go traveling beside my school holiday, sucks :(
"It's not about the destination, it's about  the journey" -Trinity, the author of The Naked Traveler.

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