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Wednesday, January 4, 2012 • 4:24 PM • 0 comments

fuala! I just changed my blog's skin again. what do you think? this skin is more simple than the previous skin and I like it. lately, I like a simple skins it's look cute I think.
okay, so today is 4th January which is the holiday will end tomorrow. yes, I must go back to school tomorrow on 5th and have my report card on 7th. aaaaargh I'm too lazy to go to school tomorrow. helloooo I just go to school for 2 days then having my weekend again? I think it should be back to school on Monday, 9th January. I really wanna have a longer holiday about one week again, that's enough. really envy with those student who back to school not on 5th January, like my friends on 9th or my little cousin on 13th if I'm not mistaken. watdehel? my cousin have her holiday for 1 month full! super envy with her. okay, she go to national plus school and still kindergarten but I think the one month holiday not just for the kindergarten but the whole school, and me? I go to national school and already junior high school. GAAAAH. holiday, please be longer. I love youuuu soooo much, holiday! but, ready or not, I must go to school tomorrow. yeah so I wish I'll have a new spirit in this 2nd semester, moreover I'm in 9th grade which is I'll be having my national exam about 3 months again. so, I really wanna focus on my study and no more lazy! yeah :)
oh btw, I just watched this film yesterday with my family:

yes. Flying Swords of Dragon Gate. honestly, when I watched the film, it's not 3D like the picture above. a chinese film. for me, this film is just like another ordinary film, but this film is not too bad to watch.

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