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恭喜发财, 新年快乐! 

I know it's a bit late to say happy chinese new year, but it's better than never right? yeah, as you know last monday (23rd January) chinese people celebrate the chinese new year, so do I. I went to Palembang for celebrate this CNY, as I've told you on the previous post. this year CNY celebration was more awesome than last year.

the CNY tree was made up by me and my cousin :D

the CNY lamp! I love it so much, it can spin and give out a light<3

my parents gave an angpao for my grandparents, all the parents in my family did it too.

time for collecting money! yayy! we made a line for received the angpao from all the parents in my family :D

big family!

happy family :D

and at the night, about 11pm if I'm not mistaken, I and some of my family member (grandma, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle, father) went to this temple for pray to the Lord, but I, brother and cousin weren't pray with them because there were too many fume there. I met the Sriwijaya TV crew there too! but I wasn't interviewed by them lol :p

this is the amazing part, fireworks!!! we played the fireworks in the attic but there was so dark with a lamp there (because the attic was too big). but the photo still looks clearly I guess :)

and..... this is the super firework!!! damn I love this firework so muchhh! I could looked it clearly in the sky, it was like the firework cover the big attic, oh my. that was really great!

extra photo: Ampera Bridge in the night :D I took this photo when I was at the free boat after went to the temple, the boat surround the Musi River. don't know about Ampera Bridge and Musi River? okay, let me explain. the Ampera Bridge and Musi River were the icon of Palembang, South Sumatera. and Palembang was the place where SEA Games held! proud! :D

okay, the photos above already explained how amazing my CNY celebration right? ;) almost the photos above were taken by my slr camera and some photos (the temple, fireworks, Ampera Bridge in the night) were taken by my phone camera, sorry for the image quality not good as the other photos that taken by my slr camera. for more photos, you may check it out on my facebook's profile;)

talking about CNY, it must be talking about angpao (hong bao). hong bao is a chinese language that means red pocket. angpao was given to those who haven't get married from those who have get married. I've heard about angpao's history, if I'm not mistaken angpao was given to the child from their parents to make the ghost get out, beacuse the ghost afraid with a red colour, that's why chinese people wear a red clothes for celebrate CNY and some wear cheongsam, a chinese cloth. but in this modern era, chinese people not always use red clothes, they use pink, orange, even chinese people now use the clothes for CNY weren't had a red colour element in it.

some traditions that the chinese people still do it are, wear a new clothes, etc and also not sweep the floor on CNY, because if you sweep the floor on CNY it means that you sweep away the luck on the new year day. I suppose that all of the chinese people still do it too. ah, I think this post is quite longer than usual right? :p yeah, that's all about my CNY celebration, how about yours? ;)

p.s: I had my yearbook photoshoot with all my schoolmates this morning, I'm gonna post the photos until I get the photos because the photos are still in the photographer's camera.

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