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Tuesday, January 3, 2012 • 10:48 AM • 0 comments

"Au Revoir 2011, merci pour tout! Bonne anne 2012!" (Goodbye 2011, thanks for everything! Happy new year 2012!)

yeah, still can't believe that today is already 2012, time flies sooo fast. it feels like I just celebrate the 2011's new year then I celebrate 2012's new year 3 days ago. so, what did you do for celebrate the 2012's new year 3 days ago? I just celebrate it with my big family, bbq in the atic and play the fireworks, I climbed the roof too! that was reallyyyy fun! then on 1st January, I went to Bogor with my big family and having fun there :D oh btw, I captured some fireworks that I saw from the attic:

the fireworks!

the fireworks were captured by my phone's camera. don't know why, it's too hard to captured the fireworks by my camera :( honestly, I can't captured all the fireworks, but it's too hard and I just can captured these 6 fireworks, but I love it! that's awesomeee<3
new year. new life. new spirit. new hope. yes, in this 2012 we must to be better in everything. and yeah, everybody must have their own resolution. I have it, too. here there are:
-all the best, everything better in 2012
-I can pass the national exam and graduate from junior high school!
-dreams come true
-2012 will be a year full of happiness
-I can do something new, have a new experience in this new year :D
-I can travel to Europe, especially PARIS!
and this is my biggest craziest-or anything like that-resolution: go to another country, city or anywhere then I can SHOP TILL DROP!! yes, I really really wanna do thisssss! it will be very fantasticcc <:D
so sad, my cousin just went back to his home in Palembang yesterday :( and now, I really can't wait for the Chinese New Year! meet my cousins, have fun there and also the angpao! TEEHEE!
then, happy new year 2012 once again! wishing you have a great year ahead! Godblessyou :)Xx

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