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Last Friday, my school held a fieldtrip to Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel for table manner and Dunia Fantasi (Dufan) for having funnn! actually I'm still envy with 8graders, they went to the Trans Studio Bandung. when I still 8grader, I didn't go there, because... the Trans Studio Bandung hadn't bulit yet. so, I just went to some places in Bandung. GAAAH and they went to Bandung on Thursday, not Friday like me a year ago aaaargh!

In Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, we had a table manner course. in the beginning, it was tooo bored. the speaker just talk talk talk and talk. seriously, I just wanna to try the food, not heard his voice. LOL :p

some lessons of table manner

we took some photos before the table manner began

actually, I wanna capture the food that I ate at the table manner course, but cellphone didn't allowed to use when we're eating. after heard a long speech about table manner from the speaker, I tried the fooood! yap, I love all the food, except the salad. seriously, I hate salad. but it doesn't mean I hate vegetables, I eat vegetables when it was boiled :p what I ate there? I got salad tuna (I just ate the tuna a little), cream soup with beef ham, lemon chicken breast&fettucini and dessert (I forgot the name, it looks like kue sus in Indonesia but it was filled with the ice cream inside :9). I love the main course for sure, the lemon chicken breast&fettucini!! :9:9

we got a quick hotel tour too! this pic was taken at the swimming pool Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, it was designed look like temple in Bali

the next destination was Dunia Fantasi (Dufan), it was located in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. I tried many rides there. oh, I tried the new ride on Dufan, named Hysteria, it was not too new, but this is the first time I went back to Dufan after the Hysteria opened for public.

this pic was taken from Google. the ride called Hysteria

Hysteria was 60 metres height rides with 12 seats each tower. it will be goes up and down veryyyy quickly. but it wasn't too scared for me. I didn't feel anything when I'm in the ride, just when it goes down form the top, it feels like I'm flyinggggg LOL!

the man on this pic was my PE teacher and the pic that held by my friend was a pic when we're on the rafting ride!

rafting ride was awesome too! I tired the ride twice, the first time I use a raincoat and at the second I didn't use the raincoat, I was sooo wet on the second time. my cloth still a little bit wet until I went back to home because I didn't bring any clothes again, luckily I don't get sick :) I didn't took much photos on Dufan, beacuse we're tried the ride all the time :p and more photos was on my math teacher's camera, so sad I haven't get the pictures :( oh and the pic above was taken at the Dufan's store, when we going to come back to school.

over all, last Friday was sooo awesome! a little refreshing before facing much tests ahead :)

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