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Sunday, February 5, 2012 • 11:57 AM • 0 comments

TEHEE! found this super ultra cute minnie perfume when I tidy up my room a few weeks ago. I got this when I still in elementary school if I'm not mistaken. I rarely use perfume, don't know why, but the most reason is I usually forget to use the perfume when I go to some events, or maybe I didn't want to use it, until now. so, you may look on the photo above that the perfume is still more than a half bottle :p 

super cute perfume cap! :3

uh-oh! this is February alreadyyyy! goshhh, time flies sooo fast. from now on, this month until April gonna be a super busy month. I must prepare for the national exam and had much try outs and other exam. in this February, I'm gonna have my practice exam, seriously I'm not too ready for the practice exam. it's too quickly from the schedule, it must be on April but my school make it faster because the practice's result must be shown for the final test, sucks. I just wish all the best in this month of love!

I think will rarely blogging for this 3 months until the national exam end and I'll productive in blogging again as usual! :D I must be concentrate for preparing the national exam. I don't want to get a bad score or just a so-so, I want to get a good score and graduate from my jhs with great score! it will make my parents proud of me and really wanna make them proud of me :)

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