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Sunday, February 19, 2012 • 10:58 AM • 0 comments

Joyouse Saint-Valentin!

I know it's a little bit late to say happy valentine, but I just didn't have much time for blogging yesterday. it's the 14th valentine in my life, but I still giving chocolates to....... myself haha #foreveralone. no no no, my life isn't that sucks, me and my friends were exchange chocolates :p and that's quite fun! now, my refrigerator is filled with much chocolates yummyyyy :9

my school held a little event, give chocolates for the cleaning service, and these are what I gave to them.

these are what I got from my friends, thankyou guys! actually, there are still more chocolates that I can't captured here, some has already eaten by me :P

chocolates for my friends! 

not just for my friends, I gave chocolate to my parents too! but I couln't captured here. actually, I want to made a surprise to my parents, but they already knew it :( but no problem, I still could gave chocolate to the ryte?<3

once again, Happy Valentine's Day everybody! spread the love! Xx

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