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in this post, I'm gonna share about 2 news that booming lately; a furore in Twitter and a new website! check it outtttt;)

First. Tengku Sophia. she became a talk lately especially by Indonesian, Malaysian or maybe Singaporean and have much followers in Twitter, why? all the tweets in her Twitter, @TengkuSophia, contain of sara. all her tweets are contain of sara. she insulted Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei (but she insulted Malaysia most) and also Islam. okay I'm not Malaysian and Moslem, I'm Indonesian and Buddhist, but seriously I hate people who insult others.

she had been became a Trending Topic Singapore in Twitter

so, who is she? why she insult Malaysian and Islam? in another account that named @Imtengkusophia, she said that her old account, @TengkuSophia was hacked by someone and all the tweets that contain sara weren't write by her. but I think, if @TengkuSophia was hacked, all the tweets wouldn't insult others, in fact form her 1st-6th tweet, she insulted @erdiAN_aJI, he is the former vocalist from Drive Band in Indonesia.

she insulted @erdiAN_aJI

logically, if her twitter (@TengkuSophia) were hacked, her early tweet would be her activity/mention with her friend, etc. maybe @TengkuSophia and @Imtengkusophia were both fake. and she used @meldamita and @caarella's photo as her avatar on Twitter. other irregularities, her friend @larasatinab was Moslem, but why she don't get angry when her religion was insulted by her friend? she said that Tengku Sophia's dad was Moslem from Melayu Deli and her mom was Christian from Java. and much account like @tirani15@MentariEgan and also @larasatinab which is they said that they were Tengku Sophia's friend were all fake! I guess. 
for information about this, you may look on Irvina Lioni's blog (pictures above were taken from her blog) or this Malaysian people's blog who said that Tengku Sophia had been shared much fake photos on Twitter.


second. it's NYUNYU.COM!!! its tagline is 'yang muda yang berjaya' or in english we can say 'the young that victorious'. Indonesian bloggers/famous people in Twitter, such like @radityadika@benakribo@Poconggg@shitlicious and etc made this website. the website's bornday was on 3rd February 2012, so nyunyu.com just still 8 days old. 3 February is same like Benakribo's birthday. what's on nyunyu.com? nyunyu.com has #MainArticle, #MasihSingle, #PojokGalau, #SelebTwit, #AibTeman, #PemadamKelaparan, #NoMensyen also #NgumpulNgumpul. 

but, what I love the most are #MainArticle

on this column, much absurd and fun article were here. the writers were sooo creative! ;)

and also I love......... #PEMADAMKELAPARAN!!!

on this coulumn, much review of restaurant/cafe were written here. all the resto/cafe that written here are look deliciousss! happy culinary tourism! slurrpppp :9:9

btw, nyunyu.com just updated its website on 8pm everyday, guys.

updated every 8pm everyday

so, Indonesian teenagers!!! (or maybe beside Indonesian teenagers) open this cool website, nyunyu.com! the young that victorious! :D

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