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Sunday, March 18, 2012 • 12:15 PM • 0 comments

YEAAAAY! another step for three-months-holiday has been finished! yes, it was mid term test+a week of try outs. feel soooo happy, it just 2 step more to the holiday, the final test and the national exam. actually, I'm feeling scared for the final test, it has an essay question too! omygod. I'm really scared  for the essay question, especially for exact subjects like math and sciences. yeah, I'm not good at exact subjects as you know. but, I hope that the final test goes well.

the mid term test+a week of try outs was ended last Friday, so, me and my friends decided to watched The Woman In Black in theater yesterday.

booyeaaah! The Woman In Black, a horror movie stared by Daniel Radcliffe. I love the story sooo much! but, I really regret with the ending. why Daniel Radcliffe with his son must die?! okay, maybe they will live happily with Daniel's wife in heaven. but, overall, I reaaally love this film. the effect of this film was really great, made us (me and my friends) felt tense. aha! I love this horror movie<3 oh and don't ask me what genre of film I like because I love all of the genre film (action, horror, drama, asian movie, etc.) except the fantasy movie, I think. seriously, I haven't watched the Harry Potter or Narnia series, Percy Jackson and anything like that. dunno why. although I haven't watched those films, doesn't mean I hate fantasy movie. the one that I will not watch is bollywood movie, I just don't like bollywood movie. they usually dancing around the trees and I can't stand about that, it just too boring, even the action one, I will not watch it if it's bollywood movie. and the most I love is action movie then drama movie. TEHEE :p

so sad, I can't go to #SpringWipeOut on Ninotchka Cafe, a garage sale by Indonesian fashion bloggers. AAAARGH it's already 2 times I didn't go to the garage sale on Ninotchka Cafe, I hope I can go to the another garage sale, Amen :) btw, I really can't wait for 24th March, it's about a week to go, specificly 6 days to go! yaaaay! what happen on that date? yeah, I will went to Lampung, my mom's hometown for chengbeng. although just for a night, I feel so happy because I rarely go to Lampung. and I wish it will goes well :D

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