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Saturday, March 3, 2012 • 10:59 PM • 0 comments

whoa, it's March already! I just hope all the best on this month, success on mid term test and also the final test. I just finished my 1st step to 3-months-holiday; pratical test last Thrusday! yipeeey :D the only thing I love about pratical test is, I can having my recess after my turn finished, it means that I had more than two hours tome for recess during the practical test (my pratical test held for 9 days!). and this is what I do when I and my friends got nothing to do when our turn were finished:

craziness at the counseling room! we used the properties on that room :p

also, the pratical test made me more relax, I just prepared for the test tomorrow and can do anything like usual. but, from now on, my schedule will be mooooore busy because of the another-step-to-3-months-of-holiday. I still have 3 steps more to the holiday; mid term test, final test and the final is national exam! gaaah, next Monday, I'll having my mid term test for 6 days then try outs for 4 days (10 days full with exam!), and I just had 1 week to relax then, the final test is cominggg!!! nightmare! stressed out!

I can't imagine how busy am I on this month until April. tired enough of being 9 graders, and this suffering will be stop on the end of April, after the national exam finish. can't waittt! but the point is, I feel like I'm getting lazier since the pratical test. I won't get a bad score or make my parents disappointed with me. I've asked my dad to give me the 11th inch of macbook air/13th inch of macbook pro plus its internet modem if my national exam's result is 8 or more, yeay! :D and that's my motivation to be more dilligent to study for those exams :p

over all, I just want to be success on those exams, make my parents proud of me, get an awesome future and.... get the prize from my dad (the mac+its internet modem)! :p I really want that March until April (the busiest month) will be nice and the best for me, although the best month is always October (of course!) :p I wish nothing but the best, for....... me. oh no! for the other 9graders and 12graders plus the 6graders (although I know that the 6graders won't be so busy like the 9 and 12graders). hmm, nonono! I wish nothing but the best, for...... peoples all over the world! :"D

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