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Saturday, March 31, 2012 • 6:33 PM • 0 comments

HORAAAAY! the final test finished last friday, so, it means that there's only 1 step to go to the three-months-of-holiday! yes, it's national exam that will be held on April 23rd until 26th. I hope I can answer it correctly and graduated from junior high school, that's my biggest #AprilWish right now.

btw, as I told you on the previous post, I went to Lampung last saturday - sunday (24th-25th) for Cheng Beng. and you know, I went to Lampung 2 days before my final test and went back from Lampung a dat before final test! I got back from Lampung (arrive at my home) at 1am! that's 26th already, then I still studied for one and a half hour, so I slept at 02:30am and woke up at 05:00am. see? I just slept for two and a half hour! but, thank God, I can did the final test well :)

btw, Cheng Beng is a Chinese traditiion that we are pray to our ancestor (grandpa-grandma, etc.) who are already died. so, I went to Lampung to pray to my grandpa. I used ferry to Lampung btw ;)

that's my car! the second line on the left TEHEEE taken from the top of the ferry by my phone

wooot the life jackets! :p

I went to the captain's room for the first time since I had went to Lampung by ferry :D

the photo above was taken at the cemetery by my uncle's phone. need explanation? 
1. (top on the left) all family in Lampung minus one cousin, because he took this photo :p
2. (top on the right) the teenagers! I think I couldn't say kids anymore since me and my cousin were on junior high school & senior high school right now
3. (bottom on the left) me and my cousin :3 in this photo, I look veeeery short, if you know that my cuousin on this photo is 2 years younger than me, but our height is almost same. I need to be taller!!
4. (bottom on the right) me and my uncle

actually, I brought my camera to Lampung, but you know, I forgot to brought my camera to the cemetery! ARGH how stupid am I.

btw, today, 31st March is #EarthHour! come on guys, turn off your electricity, just for one hour, 20:30-21:30! just for one hour, guys. save our earth, small act, big impact! :-D

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